Vanity, health and weight training in 2021

I remember when I started weight training and going to the gym at 13 years old, and back then it was all about getting bigger muscles to impress! Nowadays things have changed for me quite a bit.

Firstly, let me say that whatever your reasons for going to the gym they are the right ones. That means if you've made a decision start training for a particular reason then it's your personal reason and it can't be wrong in any way.

This time of year we know that we'll hopefully have some sun which means we'll expose our bodies more so hence all of the promotions we see are geared towards that beach body program.

The problem with this is that leaving yourself with a few weeks to get in shape is going to be hard work as getting that body of your dreams, the ones you see in magazines and on social media takes time. What you can do in a small amount of time though is make a real difference to your current shape and fitness, and even faster progress can be made with the addition of a proper training plan and some personal one to one attention. At Fitness Republic personal one to one training has increased dramatically, I remember years ago it was deemed only the rich and famous could have a trainer, but nowadays it's much more affordable and a good trainer can accelerate your results through the roof! Remember though that some of the bodies that you may aspire to take many years of training and healthy eating.

Back to my previous point that as I’ve got older my initial purpose for training has changed. Not altogether, I still want to look the best I can as this helps me to have more confidence and to feel better and more positive about myself, but nowadays I want to be healthy and fit from the inside too, something which didn't bother me back in my teens.
Also, as you get older we start to lose muscle, and this in turn makes our joints have to work harder. Have you ever seen a 65-year-old person that hobbles about, but in contrast seen a different 65-year-old that is still running marathons?
I use the analogy that if you had an old car and never started it up and never gave it a run out every so often, the chances are it wouldn't start when you needed it, but if you started it up and ran it a few times per week then it would give you more chance of it lasting longer.
This is the same as the human body, give it a workout and challenge it a few times per week and chances are it'll last a bit longer and give you a better quality of life.
Health & Fitness need not always be about the way you look after all the most important muscle in the body is the one you can't see! The Heart.
So please don't think that the gym is all about muscles and bodies, there's much more to it than that, and at Fitness Republic which has been my life for the last 8 years, helping you is what we're all about, so pick up the phone and call us today and get your engine started!