Member spotlight - Neil Clarke Ultra Runner

Niel Clarke on Ultra Running

Neil has been a member at FR for a few years now! He also loves ‘a little’ running!!….

He had a tough summer ultra marathon season but managed to stay injury-free and that has set him up nicely to start race prep for the Mid Wales 200 next year.

Runners get 120 hours to complete the 200-mile course that includes 30,554 feet of elevation, there are strict cut-off times with the first 100 miles having to be completed in 55 hours or you get disqualified.

“My race plan is to run none stop and aim to complete the first 100 in around 30 hours. I break my training up into phases, I'm in the build phase now, it's mostly strength based, it includes essential weight training and coordination and I always do this at FR, (of course!) Simon and Ben have been real troopers and I really appreciate their help.”

He is running about 16 hours a week, with drills, hill repeats, tempo runs and long low heart rate runs on a Sunday. He will continue this until the end of November and then test his fitness at a race called the Cheviot Goat on December the 4th, it's quite a tough Race so let’s all wish him so much luck!!
“I think I should add that I couldn’t compete at the level I do if it wasn’t for my long suffering partner Kate, also a member at FR, she’s out nearly every training day carrying everything I need on her mountain bike, if we’re on the local trails or in the Fell’s and mountains regardless of the weather, she always supports me when I race too.”

You are an amazing inspiration Neil! Thank you for letting us share your story and for being part of the FR family. We are behind you 💯… keeping going! 🙌🏼