Fit in 30 Minutes...really?

'I don't have time to work out'. 'I haven't got enough time to go to the gym'. Time or hereby a lack of is the number one excuse for not going to the gym. Not having enough time is the reason most people say they can't achieve their fitness goals. But what if I told you that 30 minutes is all you need, only 30 minutes a day, and at Fitness Republic we open at 5.30am -9pm!!

The way the world is today, were always busy. No matter what job you do, how many hours you do, how many commitments you have, the one thing you'll always be short on is time. But should this be the downfall of your fit and healthy lifestyle? Absolutely not! By making a few changes to the way you work out, you can ensure you'll be able to balance the gym with every other aspect of your life.

Here at Fitness Republic we pride ourselves on helping everyone achieve their goals and a part of that is working around different schedules and commitments. So, I hear you asking just how can 30 minutes a day can be enough time?' I hear you calling 'don't you need to spend hours in the gym to get results?' I hear you pleading 'tell me how, tell me how'. Well here's how: High Intensity Interval training (HIIT).

What is HIIT?

HIIT is a type of training consisting of short periods of intense exercise followed by short periods of rest. By training this way you speed up your heart rate much faster than with regular training. On top of this, HIIT burns calories at an incredible rate meaning it is much faster than other types of training.

What are the Benefits?

HIIT has a whole host of benefits on the body, not just the muscles, but what exactly are they?

  • Fat loss - The biggest effect that HIIT has on the body is the fantastic amount of calories it burns. In fact, a 30-minute HIIT session can burn up to 350 calories, leading to fantastic weight loss results in a much shorter time frame.
  • Lean Muscle Gain - An advantage HIIT has over normal weight loss training is that it also gives the muscles a great workout meaning it is good for muscle retention and growth.
  • Healthier heart - Due to the nature of HIIT, it forces your heart to work harder to pump enough blood around the body. As this is happening, over time your heart will become stronger and hence your resting heart rate and blood pressure will decrease which significantly lowers the risk of any heart related health problems.
  • Time efficient - This is the biggie. A well designed HIIT session can take between 15 and 30 minutes and be just as effective as over an hour of regular training. Due to the way the session is performed, you do not need near as long in the gym meaning that it can be fit into a much shorter period of time that suits you.

How do I get started?

HIIT doesn't have to be complicated or confusing. In fact, it is incredibly simple. Just pick your exercises, choose how long you are going to work and rest for. Then just do it! Just to give you a helping hand, here's one we've written for you to try.

Workout title: Fast Fat burner
Time needed: 20 minutes

Format: Perform each exercise 5 times for 30s of work and 30s of rest


  1. Dumbbell Thrusters
  2. Kettlebell swings
  3. Goblet squat
  4. Battle ropes

If this workout doesn't tickle your fancy or you find yourself needing some variety, here at Fitness Republic we have 2 dedicated workout whiteboards which contain as host of HIIT workouts and challenges. These whiteboards are updated regularly meaning you'll never go bored and you'll never have to do the same thing twice.

I Still Need More!

Hooked on the idea of getting your health kick over and done with in just 30 minutes? Why not try our new AF180 plan here at Fitness Republic. When I designed this plan, I was thinking of those people with busy lives who want to get fit in a fast and effective way. Lasting 6 weeks and consisting of a whole three 30-minute gym sessions a week with a Personal Coach as well as full nutritional support tailored to your needs. This plan focuses on fat loss and is sure to help you shed an extra few pounds. All of this as well as constant support and availability for just £159!

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