Eight Tips to Transform Your Body

If you’re looking to transform the way you look it’s going to take hard work and dedication! Here are Simon’s 8 top tips for helping you get the body of your dreams!


If transforming your body was easy, then we’d all be in the best shape of our lives! However, the reality is that it takes lots and lots of hard work. One thing that can be a major contributing factor is the intensity in which you train at. You need to train, whether that be weight training or Cardio HARD. 50% just won’t do, you need to be training between 80-95% of your maximum. Next time you’re in the gym, step it up and give it your all!


An often-used word but don’t underestimate its power! Most transformations fail due to lack of consistency. You need to keep up your training and diet for an extended time. Depending on your starting point, and your current position you may need to keep consistent from 3-6 months to see real change.


You need to follow a well-constructed plan if you’re going to get results. Structured training and progressive overload are a must. You can’t just turn up to the gym and wing it! A good full body compound program is the way forward, big moves for a big calorie burn!

Quality, not quantity

By this I mean focus on the quality of your training not just how much you can lift, or how far can you run! You may have heard the saying ‘it’s the last few reps that count’, but for me, every rep has got to count! The quality of your technique is paramount, and should not be sacrificed at any point. For reps follow a 3/1 tempo. 3 seconds on the negative phase and 1 second on the positive phase.

Weights over Cardio

Straight up, weight training is better for body composition than Cardio. That said cardio has its place in a program, but for long term changes, weight, fat loss, then weight training has the edge.

Control your Calories.

A major player in changing bodies is Diet. You need to be able to firstly track your food intake, to see what is currently going wrong, then secondly be able to make the right changes for your goal. It doesn’t have to complicated, but if you’re not in good condition it’s an indicator that somethings got to change. A quick rule of thumb is focus on protein and reduce carbohydrates whilst increasing good fats.

Increase your daily activity

This can play a key role in fat loss. Give yourself a daily step count to keep you motivated. Fitbit is great, you can form a challenge group with your friend to keep you motivated to hit the count. Take stairs instead of lifts, park a little further away from work etc.

Get a Personal Coach

In a busy world, working out can be tough. After a hard day’s work, hitting the gym, figuring out what to do and training hard can be a bit much for some. So, lighten your load and get yourself a personal coach. Let them do the thinking, let them push you through the workouts harder than you would yourself, let them help you with your diet. A coach can keep you accountable, focused and determined!

Last but not least, track your progress, take progress pictures, body measurements, food diaries, it helps you to keep motivated each step of the way.

For more information on our body transformations, or more info and explanations on any of the above points, give me a call or email and I’ll be exited to help.

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