Blanka's tips to stay safe when running in winter

If you like to run outside during the winter months as well using the treadmill, cross trainer or Stairmaster then this article is for you!

Running is safe, natural & far more effective than other types of cardio.

It's important to consider how you can stay safe while running in the dark.

My running tips are:

  • Be bright, be seen. Wear fluorescent and reflective clothing
  • Run against traffic
  • Cross behind cars at junctions
  • Choose some headwear (the cap will take the force of any stray twigs or branches that you haven't seen in the dark.
  • Stay aware!
  • Carry ID & your phone
  • Run with a friend
  • Stick to well-lit roads that you know well. It's also important to vary your routes. Don't run the same route, at the same times, each week.

Even if you love weight training, it is crucial to keep a solid physical and mental state and while lifting big is the fun part, sometimes you must do the necessary evil to maximize your gains... cardio!

It is important to have a diet that is high in protein and high in carbs to increase your chances of keeping that muscle on while also getting the most out of running.

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Have fun & stay safe!
Blanka x