Behind the scenes at Fitness Republic

Like most businesses, there’s always a lot more going on behind the scenes that meets the eye.

Let’s take a look at my gym, Fitness Republic.

On the outside hopefully everything looks great and you feel amazing when you’re in the gym. On the inside there are many day to day activities that myself and the team focus on.

First and foremost are our members. We have endless conversations on how we can motivate you guys more, how we can keep you attending regularly, as that’s where the results come from. Consistent training can be hard and any way we can make it easier, then the more chance you will attend regularly. Our monthly gym challenge is a really good example of this. Also, we like to give you a gentle nudge if you haven’t been attending.

Maintenance is a big part of behind the scenes too. I hate it when things are out of order, so regular checks and identifying problems before they arise is a daily task.

Cleaning is a major part of our days too, with so many of you guys popping in for your workouts, we always strive to keep on top of the cleanliness and are very proud of our reputation for this.

Staff progress is something that is on the very top of my list of day to day activities too. I firmly believe that I have the best staff and always trying to push them further and help them improve as the better they are, the more they can help you too! We have regular handovers, team meetings and staff training, plus we have invested in two new apprentices for the future! (More on Brooke and Alex next month!)

Many members will tell you how friendly and close our team are - and how much fun we have! Marcus became manager almost 2 years ago and keeps the team organized and motivated.

A big shout out now to Sarah, who takes care of our social media channels. Social media plays a massive part in our day to day activities and keeps us in close contact with a lot of our members, it really can be a full-time job, but Sarah is brilliant at capturing the essence of Fitness Republic!

Our own personal fitness development is also a huge part of what we do. Keeping ourselves in tip top shape is a daily occurrence, with all staff training themselves most days. It’s why we all got in to fitness in the first place! Hopefully we can give you inspiration from how we look and feel! Just take a look at Marcus - lots and lots of hours of total dedication goes into his training for competitions! Marcus recently came 2nd in UKBFF classic championship - men’s physique. A fantastic achievement rewarding his commitment to his training and vegan diet.

Last but not least our class schedule is amazing, with great classes taught by a great team of instructors that work closely alongside our team, Jacqui, Lauren, Gina, Eliza, Sam, Claire Stapley, Claire Wilkinson, David and Kate. Keeping the schedule running week in and week out without any hiccups is very demanding, but these guys pull together amazingly and help each other (and us!) out whenever needed and are truly unsung heroes in my eyes!

Summing it all up, FR is all about teamwork, as one of my favourite saying is ‘Teamwork makes the Dream Work!’