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At Fitness Republic we have a wide variety of classes to suit all fitness levels. All our instructors are fully qualified and like to add a touch of fun to the classes. We review our timetable regularly to keep up with the latest trends and keep things interesting for our members.

Classes run from 6.30am to 9.00pm.

Thoughout the year we incorporate pop up classes, these are classes that are a little different from our regular classes and fun to try out.

During the school holidays we sometimes have childrens classes available too.

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Boditrax uses a medically approved body analyser and personal profiles to help manage weight loss, increase energy or fitness levels, boost wellbeing, professional training or medical assessments. recording every change online, repeat scans are accurate to within 1%.

Boditrax assigns a physique rating around which goals can be set and progress tracked using monthly updates and snapshot views. Boditrax stores every profile in a secure ‘cloud’ environment which can be accessed anytime on the Boditrax website.

Modern Equipment

Here @ Fitness Republic we have a fantastic equipped gym, featuring the very latest Cybex Cardiovascular equipment, as featured on the recent ITV program ‘The biggest Loser’. We feature the amazing Arc Trainers plus Treadmills, Cycles and Rowing Machines. On the resistance side we have a fantastic range of resistance machines for every part of your body, plus we have a great range of Free Weights, including dumbbells up to 50kg, barbells, squat rack and preacher curl.

We have invested heavily in new running machines, Arc trainers, cable machines weights, weight machines and more.


Personal Training

If you find that you need a little extra motivation to reach your goals, or someone to give you the push you feel you need to achieve them quickly and effectively, then our Personal Training service is for you.

Maybe you want to change the way you look for a special occasion, like a wedding or you would like to get in great shape for your holiday. Maybe you just want to get fitter and stronger. We have the means and know how to achieve you goals fast. We have a female and male personal trainers from which you can work with depending on your goals and requirements.

Sports Massage

We are all about trying to help our members reduce or cure their pain in all areas of their body with hands on treatment and massage. The sports massage team have had many years of experience, giving patients individual care, giving home work also to help recover from their aches and pains.

The team from ‘Repair’ work every other Friday here at Fitness Republic. Please just get in touch with the gym reception if you would like to make an appointment or for further information.


SCI-MX® supplements

We stock a variety of SCI-MX®  supplements to help you achieve your goals from weight loss to bulking up.

Every product in the SCI-MX® range is formulated to deliver results. We understand that goals differ, depending on the person, time of year, stage of life and physique aspirations. The SCI-MX® tier system allows you to choose the right product for your goal.

We’ve got it covered – From shred to bulk, physique development to weight management.

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