Supporting Youth Training

Fitness Republic is a very supportive of encouraging the whole family to exercise. This is why we support training from the age of 13 with our Student Membership.

Getting started at an early age is found to be extremely beneficial to the success of keeping fit for life.

We help and guide our younger members in the gym and class facility with expert advice and continued guidance and supervision.

Correct form and technique is encouraged and shown on a continued basis, helping you get the best out of your training, safely and effectivly.

If you are under 16 we will require a written  to be brought in signed by your guardian. You can print this here.


Pricing options

If you are a student please visit the club to join.

£25.00 standing order (under 18) Direct Debit (over 18) Minimum 3 months

£90 for 3 months in advance

Fitness Republic