We know that getting fit and healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones imagine having an abundance of energy and a strong body, how would  this change your life. Instead of waking up every morning still feeling tired and dreading taking on the day, you could wake up vibrant energised and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you. Being able to keep up with the demands of the kids and work with no lack of enthusiasm or needing to find a quite place to have a nap.

Do you want to know what it feels like to look in the mirror and feel happy with the way you look or being able to walk into a clothes shop and know that whatever you put on is going to fit great and look fantastic?

But by far the biggest impact of working out regularly and eating in a way that fuels your body is the confidence you’ll gain from it.

Our personal trainers have had years and years and years of combined experience with people from all walks of life and all shapes and sizes.

We know how to get you great results in far less time than it would take someone doing it themselves, you get the combined experience and knowledge of all our trainers including what to eat and when, how to train effectively and we always make every session fun and effective.

We don’t just tell you what to do we teach you too, so that when you are done with personal training you will not fall back into your old ways and lose the body and mindset you worked so hard to achieve.


 We know that not everybody has the knowledge or enthusiasm to get the most out of their gym experience.

You may have joined a gym in the past and not got the results you so desperately wanted so gave up after short time thinking that you may never get the body you want.

This is where personal training or small group personal training will help. Working with one of our personal trainers will give you the edge you need to get fit, healthy and feeling great about yourself.

When you work with a personal trainer you will get results faster than you ever thought possible, they will keep you motivated, show you the right way to train so you don’t injury yourself and at what level of intensity you need to work to get the most out of every session.

We will make it a fun experience so you actually look forward to coming to the gym.


If you find that you need a little extra motivation to reach your goals, or someone to give you the push you feel you need to achieve them quickly and effectively, then our Personal Training service is for you!

A good personal trainer can help you to commit to an exercise plan, making it fun and exciting at the same time. If you have a scheduled appointment at the gym with a trainer it is more likely you will attend, rather than leaving it all up to yourself, especially in the hard initial period.


Maybe you want to change the way you look for a special occasion, like a wedding for example or you would like to get in great shape for your holidays, or just get fitter and stronger. We have the means and know how to achieve your goals fast! We have a female and male personal trainers from which you can work with depending on your goal and requirements. We can utilize our fully equipped gym, plus we have boxing, kettlebell and TRX facilities. We can also work outdoors too.


A good PT will have your session planned out for you, and it won’t be just any plan that they’ve found off the internet, it will be an exercise plan thats tailored to your goals and makes sense to your life!


A Personal Trainer will push you to your limits you are comfortable with, and will only ever view your training sessions in a supportive manner! Each session will be designed to keep you interested, made to be enjoyable and most importantly to move you towards your goals.


Form is really important, incorrect form puts you at risk of getting injured, and worse still- can even inhibit your progress. Having someone correct you when you go wrong is essential.

Your Personal Trainer will give you that feedback while you are performing the exercise, and make noticeable adjustments where neccesary.


A Personal Trainer is not just there to give you a workout plan and teach you how to exercise, a good personal trainer will also help you in the kitchen (not literally!). They will give you advice on how to track your intake and also help you plan your nutrition to hit your macro’s (Protein, Carbs and fat). Every personal trainer knows that what you put into your body matters just as much as a great workout plan.

Our team is friendly, welcoming and passionate about helping everybody meet their fitness and wellbeing goals. We're dedicated to ensuring all our members recieve a unique personalised health and fitness experience