In just 12 weeks you could be a leaner healthier happier more authentic version of yourself 

The Fitness Republic Body Transformation Programs are exercise and nutritional plans tailored to suit you. They are designed to help you reach your goals by taking into account your body type, nutritional likes and requirements and by keeping you motivated and accountable. During the program you will learn how to exercise correctly, what types of food are beneficial to your progress and how to maintain your new lifestyle.

Personal Training

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Far too many people have spent endless hours jogging, pounding away on cross trainers, and slaving on spinning bikes whilst simultaneously starving themselves

The end result of starving your body of the energy  it needs is a shut down in key fat burning hormones such as leptin and ghrelin, potential damage to the thyroid gland and thyroid output, and metabolic catastrophe.

 We have seen many women and men come to us after achieving short term weight loss success with fad diets only to put their original weight and more back on when normal life inevitably resumes.

Our goal is to help you get in shape and to educate you on how to stay in shape, the key is to  learn to eat, exercise, and live in the right way so that your body becomes a fat burning machine.

 In order to lose weight you don’t need to survive on the barest minimum of calories, a small calorie deficit from your bmr coupled with an effective workout routine will melt away the fat in a safe and sustainable way.


Personal Training Sessions

 You will meet with your Personal Trainer at least 3 times a week for 12 weeks in order to perform your specific workouts. Exactly how often you will train will be decided before we embark upon the programme as this depends upon individual goals and lifestyles. In addition to your personal training sessions you will be expected to do 1 or 2 sessions on your own either in the gym, at home or one of our fitness classes, this will be dependent on the desired outcome you wish to achieve.

 Nutritional Consultation and Audit

You must keep a food diary of exactly what is consumed during a so-called “regular” week. This way we can accurately conduct a full-scale audit of dietary habits and make positive changes that are particular to how you eat, rather than making sweeping statements that apply generally, but not necessarily to you specifically.

Some of our memebers successful transformations

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