8 Weeks

to fit

If you want to lose a few pounds, build some lean muscle or just make a lifestyle change, then we can tailor a training and nutritional plan to help you towards reaching your goal. You will have a personal coach to guide you over an 8 week period. Your coach will discuss your goal and advise on what is a realistic achievable target to aim for within the 8 weeks. You will be given a nutritional plan that will be based around your current lifestyle and taste. Your progress will be tracked and we will keep you motivated throughout. Includes full access to our gym and fitness classes in Ashby.

Whats included in your 8 Week Plan?

One to One Training

Your personal coach will program your training specifically to YOU and your personal goals, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or increase your general fitness levels. During your 8 weeks you will have 1 personal training sessions per week with your training coach, but will also be encouraged to include  2 sessions on your own, which will be planned out for you. Your coach will show you how to perform all the exercises correctly, track your progress and make any alterations neccessary. 



As you know, nutrition is key to achieving the best physique of your life. Starting straight away, we will show you EXACTLY what to eat, when to eat, and customize it all to YOUR dietary needs, so you can virtually guarantee fat loss success, faster and easier than “going it alone”.

Regular Body Composition Testing

 Using the latest technology (boditrax) we will track your progress. With a body composition test we will be able to see if you are making progress towards tyour goal and where any changes in your traing or nutritional program may need to take place. You will find out your body fat percentage ,muscle mass, weight, visceral fat, water mass and more.